Suspected bomb explosion rocks Benin, several houses destroyed

Atleast six houses have been destroyed at Dumez street off Benin Auchi Road, Eyean in an early morning explosion suspected to be a bomb on Saturday, April 11, Vanguard reports.

According to reports, the explosion which occured at No. 4, Dumez street caused panic among residents of the area affected not less than six houses.

Suspected bomb explosion rocks Benin, houses destroyed

The operatives of the Nigeria police were already on ground to ascertain the cause of the explosion. However, residents alleged that the explosion came from the home of a suspected bomb-maker who lives in the area.

Though no death or injury was reported from the explosion, Lawal Jimeta, the state commissioner of police said an investigation had begun on the matter.

One of the landlords whose house was affected, Pastor David Iginua whose house was also affected by the explosion said he heard a very loud sound that early morning of Friday and he decided to go out to find out what it was all about.

He said:

“I am Pastor David Iginua and my house is 42, Arete Street, off Benin Auchi road, Eyean, which is just behind where the explosion took place .

“As I sat there, all of a sudden, I heard a terrific sound. I looked, ran inside, I didn’t see what happened.

“So I have to come outside and I started discovering things.

“So I started looking for where the sound came from but just to discover that a cloud of heavy smoke was coming out from the Muslim man compound.
“From the rumours, we are hearing is that the man use to manufacture bombs.

“And it is like he tested it inside his well. Assuming he brought it out, it would have finished the community.

“The way this house shook, everybody came out to say how their houses shook.”

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