Nigerian ladies warn others to take caution while dating Anambra men

A group of ladies on Twitter have taken to the platform to narrate their experiences dating Anambra men and decide to use the medium to warn other ladies.

According to the ladies it is highly important that any lady dating an Anambra man should make sure she is able to toast his mother to her side.

Most of them are of the opinion that mothers from that part of the country, decide which girl their son settles with.

Read their experiences below:

If an anambra man is loving you, insist on meeting his mom first o.
Because your eye go clear ten years later when he’ll tell you that his mom does not approve therefore both of you have to break up.

If his mom doesn’t like even the color of your nail polish, you’re out dear.

— #TheRicherSinglemom (@TheOliviaLife) April 11, 2020

In an average anambra family, the mother’s world is law o.
It’s non-negotiable.
Go before her first and get your approval before investing your youth ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE NOT AN ANAMBRA GIRL.

A word is enough for the wise.

— #TheRicherSinglemom (@TheOliviaLife) April 11, 2020

After dating him for 3yrs +, he called me two days after my birthday that his mom refused me because am from akwa Ibom, we are expensive and how he is the first son and should marry from their side. That was how he ended the relationship

— QUEEN INI🕊️🌱 (@NikkyGeorge4) April 11, 2020

When some of my friends and family found out he was from anambra they kept asking me one question ” will his mom accept you, does his mom know about you”they told me different tales of how the react when it comes to marriage, I asked severally he kept telling me his mom

— QUEEN INI🕊️🌱 (@NikkyGeorge4) April 11, 2020

And family members are not like that, they are different and I believed him. I believe the only way some of them can marry whoever they want is when they have money and they are the one’s handling the financial aspect of the family

— QUEEN INI🕊️🌱 (@NikkyGeorge4) April 11, 2020

Please, I just had to take a screenshot of my response

— Nneoma (Madame Òbidiya) (@madameobidiya) April 12, 2020

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