Lagos boys beat a lady up for refusing to sleep with them

A Nigerian lady has alleged that she was beaten by three men on the order of a boy over her refusal to sleep with him.

Lagos boys beat a girl up for refusing to sleep with them lailasnews

According to the lady simply identified as Ginah, she was beaten by two MOPOLs officers and the hotel manager on the orders of one AZ aka Owo Odun.

The incident happened allegedly occurred at GrandPark Hotel, located at Poutry, 52, Segun Akinbuli Street, Off Alegun Road, Buckno by Ilepo Bus-Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos state.

Narrating her ordeal, she said;

“Az had been wooing me for two weeks now. Yesterday, he told me he was in my area and the hotel wasn’t far, so I went with my friend just in case things go south.

I got to the hotel and was greeted by AZ and seven of his friends who all wanted to have sex with me. My friend was shocked and advised that we leave immediately.

It was then it occurred to me that these guys were fraudsters. One of them slapped me and broke my phone. I went to confront AZ that he should tell his friend to fix my phone.

But for reporting his friend, he slapped me and my friend and then ordered two MOPOL officers and the hotel manager, which he had obviously bribed, to whip me.

I went to report at Ejigbo police station and the police officers followed me to the hotel. I asked them to arrest him for assault but they requested I first visit the hospital to get a doctor’s report.

AZ, in their presence, said he was going to foot the bills and they left. A few minutes later, while I was waiting at the reception, some boys came and started whipping me again.

I was beaten severely before I was allowed to go. Now I’m left to take care of myself. I want justice to prevail.”

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