Coronavirus: Panama Police sing, dance for citizens on lockdown (Video)

Police officers in Panama are doing more than just enforcing the lockdown order in the country, they are entertaining the citizens with songs and dances.

Felipe Cruz, a senior Police officer in the country said the move was necessary to bring hope to the citizens who are restricted in their homes as Coronavirus continues to ravage most parts of the world.

He said:

“There are certain sanitary rules that we have to follow, and they are in their apartment, they don’t have much space and we try to bring them some happiness, joy, hope, faith and will so that they never feel lessened. “

One of the residents who was entertained by the Police officers said it was a nice initiative and it would be more okay if they do it every Sunday:

“Very good, very good initiative by the national police to get involved with the people, with the people who are at home, where they need to be, and I think they should do it every Sunday.”

Watch Video:

This is coming as most countries of the world are trying to curtail the spread of the disease, which has killed more than a hundred thousand people

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