Donald Trump signs 773.61₦ trillion coronavirus relief stimulus bill

President Donald Trump on Friday signed into law a 773.61₦ trillion economic relief to Americans amid the coronavirus crisis.

Donal Trump signed the stimulus package as the American public and the US economy fight the devastating spread of Covid-19 and the 773.61₦ trillion relief package will provide billions of dollars to health care providers, taxpayers and provide financial assistance to small businesses.

Donald Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus relief stimulus bill

The House of Representatives earlier in the day approved the bill that passed the Senate earlier this week, overcoming last-minute drama by using an unusual procedural move to thwart a demand by a conservative Republican to force members to vote in person.

The bill promises 38680.73₦ billion to hospitals on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis and 10443.80₦ billion towards developing vaccines and the development, purchase and distribution of critical supplies needed to provide care.

Another 17406.33₦ billion will be put into the Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Relief Fund, providing more resources for states and local leaders to respond to the crisis.

Additionally, individuals earning up to 29010544.65₦ will receive 464168.71₦ and 193403.63₦ for each child, while couples earning up to 58021089.30₦ will receive 928337.43₦ and 193403.63₦ for each child.

“I want to thank Democrats and Republicans for coming together and putting America first,” Trump said of the bipartisan effort on the bill before he signed it on Friday.

“We got hit by the invisible enemy, and we got hit hard,” Trump said, adding, “I think we are going to have a tremendous rebound.”

“This is a very important day,” Trump said. “I’ve signed the single biggest economic relief package in American history and, I must say, any other package by the way. It is twice as large as any relief ever signed.”

“This will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation’s families, workers and businesses. That’s what this is all about,” he continued, going on to again thank Republicans and Democrats “for coming together, setting aside their differences and putting America first.”

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