Pat Obilor to MC the 2019 Business of Education Summit organised by Edusko Africa.

In her words: 

....I work hard and i also find ways to unwind, how? Entertainment! Movies, Outdoor activities, Food and timeout with loved ones etc so yes, entertainment and social pastime is healthy for us and we all have the right to invest our money in what gives us pleasure but then, it is no news that this generation is playing down on the essence of promoting moral values and educational content. As much as we want to hold coperate organisations responsible for sponsoring entertainment above education, we also have work to do as individuals. 
With no intention to debase the social impact of #Bigbrothernaija, we recall that, the winner of BBN (Entertainment) goes home with (60Million Naira) and a Car prize whereas, we accord (10Thousand Naira) for the Best Graduating Student, other brand competitions such as Cowbell Maths“ and Lagos Spelling Bee“ only attracts about 100k and N50K each. (Education) and many related abnormally we indulge when it comes to self and educational development. 
As the African population grows in terms of global influence and human capital increase, I believe we should also invest in activities that will help us build sound minds which would culminate in our building a sustainable education industry in Africa. Our educational system, structures and curriculum needs to be fixed! 
The other day, a friend was lamenting why she has to Pay and write (Language rest) IELTS/TOEFL etc if she has a masters degree and was taught in English by a country colonised by the British? Why is our library not updated and why do we write Thesis only for it to lay fallow in the corners of oblivion? When truly are we going to study a course in the University and actually practise it in career and make a living from it? 

If Education is truly the key, it’s time to change the narrative and inspire our youths, government and coperate bodies to Promote education and moral values too. More than ever, it is time for Africa to wake up and arise and if we must, we must do so in all facets which encompasses our
intellectual, financial, intersocial relationship and career work life etc.

I am featured for various educational Hubs and startups we have in Nigeria who are doing their bits to change the narratives and one of such is @eduskoafrica I will be sharing these thoughts and more as I feel honoured to Host their 2019 “Business of Education Summit which has over 1,500 delegates in and outside Nigeria. 

Date: Tomorrow, 10-10-19
Time: 10am
Venue: Shell Hall, Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos island. 

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