CSR in Action: Pat Obilor participates in the United Nations MDG goals to give back to Schools, mentor the Girlchild and speaks up against Boychild abuse with the Hastag #Boyslivesmatter #intlDayofthegirlchild

The annual international day of the Girlchild 2019 theme was: GirlsForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable” and It was a day well spent in ikorodu Lagos as Pat and other distinguished speakers joined the @We_n_the_kids initiative, a family oriented NGO, that preach the gospel of impactful parenting, which invests on family unit to builds a great society as they commemorate with the United Nations, @unwomen international day of the Girlchild.

Pat stated that, #theGirlchildday programme which took place at the LCDA in Ikorodu Lagos state once again reminded the Girls to have a voice and that they can achieve and get to a greater height in life.

She also shared thoughts on embracing Feminine values, self discovery, purpose and the need to focus on education.

However, a prompt suggestion from Pat also states that:
“For us as a society to fight both sexual and mental abuses from the root cause which most of our Women are victims of, mentoring must include our Boychild as well to educate their minds on what’s wrong or right at an early stage in life. I believe in balance in empowering our Girls/Women. I believe men/Boys should also be carried along too. We cannot train our Girls only and leave the Boys wandering about with no sense of belonging/mentoring. As we expose the abusers, we must also focus on how to raise and train responsible young Men so that such malady will eventually be eradicated from our world. We should not focus on empowering women alone, we should also pay attention to the lives of young boys who our “Well raised women” will probably want to be with eventually”.

Pat Obilor has deemed it fit to use her social platforms and widows mite to support women empowerment, indigent youth education while advocating and mentoring the Boy/Girlchild. She is the founder of (Pat Obilor Charity for Africa), and in 2016, she established Mogulettes Africa, a global Women support group and entrepreneur platform to promote women startups.

When asked why she’s so driven to touch lives, Pat said: “you don’t need to have it all to make an impact. Start from where you are, give from the little you have and speak up when you need to. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to support, serve and mentor fellow young Girls today. Happy international day of the Girlchild to us. #internationaldayofthegirlchild #Patobilorlive #Unscripted #Unwomen

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