Tacha 'spiritually disqualified' herself the moment she angrily erased her photo from the top 10 housemates Omashola drew - Nigerians Tweet


Two days ago Big Brother Naija housemates were asked to make use of the grey wall in the living room paintings that'll leave an impression of themselves in the house.

With this task, Omashola took it upon himself to make a painting of the top 10 housemates left in the house, but Tacha wasn't having it, she angrily erased herself from the painting.

When asked in the diary room how he felt about her action, Omashola confessed how much it hurt and how things could have turned ugly if not for self control.

Tacha however said she removed herself because it didn't look nice and made her look like 'Chucky Chucky'.

Now, Nigerians are saying Tacha spiritually disqualified herself from the game the moment the angrily erased herself from Omashola's drawing

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