Battle for Nigeria's rap throne gets messier: Vector drops diss track and MI Abaga says, 'you better think again, I will slap your face 180 degrees'

Battle for Nigeria

Nigerian Hip Hop has been picking up steam in the last couple of months and it seems to be getting hotter.

Last week, LIB wrote about the status of the beef between MI Abaga and Vector.

Now, Vector has dropped yet another diss track aimed at MI and this time he got a response.

MI Tweeted, 'my dear friend Loose Kaynon always told me Vector can't rap and I always said na.. bro is a great. Dear Vector if this is it you better think again.. I will slap your face 180 degrees my G. you make me feel like entering studio to respond to this bullshit is a waste of my time!!!!! But you insulted my fans.. so I will lower myself and give you what you have deserved.. tick tock nigga'.

Listen to the song below and see twitter reactions below....
Someone should tell Vector that if he is coming for the king, he better not miss. Well, he has missed two shots now.
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MGK dissed Eminem and it didn’t take Eminem 1 month to murder MGK’s non existing career.

Vector has dropped and and M.I is there saying weak bars yen yen yen.

Oga shut up and reply the WEAK bars with your own SHORT bars and stop tweeting like coward.
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LMAO. Fresh L wey nor fit enter studio even try diss Q dey Twitter dey critique Vector.

Did unku forget his primary assignment? Rapper. Not critic, sis.

Vector might be shit, but you're even more shit until you quit Twitter fingers and start dropping gems, sis.
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Vector is baiting MI and Baba is about to fall for it.

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Shey mi is not feeling well nii??? This one that vector bought malaria medicine for him

Anyway speedy recovery to bros Mi 😂😂😂😂
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Bros M.I @MI_Abaga don turn Music critic, reviewing vector's diss on Twitter.

Baba Enter studio and drop Bars, you're a Rapper not a critic, abi you dey fear? 🙄
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