Lamboginny slams Naira Marley for 'mocking' prisoners with his soapy dance'

  Lamboginny slams Naira Marley for

Few days after protesting at the International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations over prisoners awaiting trials for years in Nigerian prisons, singer Lamboginny Lawanson has slammed Naira Marley for allegedly mocking prisoners with his 'soapy' dance.

Sources close to Naira Marley had claimed that his 'soapy' dance was inspired by his prison experience. According to them, these prisoners who have no access to women, satisfy their urges using soap.

Reacting to the 'soapy' dance which is fast becoming a trend, Lamboginny stated that if after visiting prison all Naira Marley could think of is a masturbation dance, he considers it a mockery on thousands of inmates in pain. He tweeted;

The prison condition in Nigeria is a very sensitive and painful situation for thousands of inmates. If after visiting the prison all you have to talk about is Masturbation dance! I will consider it mockery on the thousands of inmates who are in pain. #KirikiriDonFull

  Lamboginny slams Naira Marley for

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