Video: Plastic kettles coming out of tree being cut down inside a mosque

A video showing the shocking moments plastic kettles were coming out of a tree that was being felled inside a mosque, has surfaced on the internet.

It is not clear to anyone how the kettles got into the tree, but reports have it that the growth of the tree had been disrupting activities in the mosque and the worshippers feared that it might come down one day.

So for safety reasons, the decision was made for the tree to be felled, only for a mysterious occurrence to happen along.

In the video, a man could be seen trying to collect the plastic kettles as they dropped from the tree while being felled.

Watch the video:

Embedded video
Hundreds of plastic kettles mysteriously coming out from a tree being cut down inside a mosque 😳
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But in their reactions, social media user believed the kettles must have gotten into the tree in one way or the other, and there was nothing spiritual about their presence in the tree.

One user wrote:

Probably the people that worshipped there in the olden days decided to put inside for remembrance in future. And here we are. Anyway, what do I know? I’m not of the old.

Then an unbeliever said it would have been better if what oozed from the tree was gold

Y e nor be money or gold 😐😐rubbish 😑😑.. kettle for what

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