Video: 3 African men display great acrobatic skills from air

A video sighted by shows the moment 3 African men displayed extra-ordinary acrobatic skills to the amazement of onlookers.

The three men stood on one another while standing and the 3rd man was elevated so high in the air before they began to display their acrobatic skills.

The men then made move to fall in a manner depicting the fall of a mango tree.

It looked as if they were going to hurt themselves badly as people around screamed hysterically, but surprisingly these men dropped to the ground and rolled over acrobatically to the applause of the spectators.

Watch the video:

Embedded video

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*** This is how I will surprise all the people that wants me to fall

*** If you didn’t had any feeling then you are not a human being

*** That day is their lucky day nw…if not Na fenu wu gate

*** Gather here if you watched more than ones

*** Every human being wet God creat ,God always give each person talent that will put food on ur table, but if no discover ur talent , You will be working hard and no result

*** A visual representation of falling for the right one when you lost all hope

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