Toyin Lawani calls out another designer, says big designers copy her work

Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has taken to social media call out another designer whom she accuses of copying one of her designs.

Toyin Lawani calls out another designer, says big designers copy her work

In her post, she stated that the designer in question is not the first to copy her designs. She also revealed that too designers whom people admire also copy her work.

Toyin Lawani wrote:

If I call this one Rag now you people will start wailing again so I should be patting u on d bck every time 4 ruining my work? y’all knw I don’t care abt ur wagging tongues, u don’t know me see u all need to knw this Designer we are talking abt is nt the 1st or D last dt will copy A creation I created originally frm me ,I ignore mostly,hw many people will I fight? Even your Big designers u worship copy from me, cause is the system they Started with, they buy magazines with our creations &take 2tailors,Nigeria Gba ole o gba oleπŸ‘Œ,The problem is with our people. Thinking this is ok to do ,Thinking there’s no law, it’s not ok&it will never be. I didn’t start my work this way ,I can get inspired bt I always take it 2D next level ,T

Ds is why Designers Abroad Are Richer than us, They are able to make cool cash off their intellectual property before it’s Ruined ,with their laws protecting them& investing in them, how do u Expect d Nigerian fashion industry 2grow? If the Government was Even working Right ,Everyone will be able to afford anything we create, which we hv 2travel abroad 2source d right raw materials for &yet we are being ripped off daily &our work is being cut short due 2plagiarism ,u wnt them to Recognize u worldwide bt u ain’t even Original.

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