Tobi Bakre Birthday – Reality TV star writes about success

Tobi Bakre birthday is today and the reality TV star is celebrating his 25th birthday with a beautiful note chronicling his journey from when he started to this moment.

He took to his Instagram page to write about what he understands as success and how it has kept him going in life.

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Tobi Bakre also used the medium to thank everyone that has contributed to his success in one way or the other.

“25💫… A year older today.

What an amazing journey it’s been so far. 25 years of becoming Tobi Bakre. I’m glad to be the man that I am right now. It has not been easy but staying true to myself, values and people I believe in has made it easier.

The world, especially Nigeria, is challenging. The odds are always stacked up against the youth trying to make it in life. I am blessed to say that thanks to God, family, friends and everyone out here who supports me, I am set up for success.

To me, success is not material possessions, that’s far from it. It is the blessing to wake up everyday with an opportunity to do the things that give me genuine joy and fulfilment. To inspire others to think bigger, be better and to show them that it is possible to chase your dreams, makes my heart smile. Few things give me more joy than seeing others happy and I am grateful that I am able to do that as I walk my journey to success.

A very big thank you to my family and friends. The support system has been unrelenting. Even to the loved ones I don’t see for periods of time, I am grateful that it’s always love and good vibes when we link up. God bless you 🙏🏽.

Where do I even start with my supporters? A heartfelt thank you for standing by me since the day you saw me on your tv screens. Your support and love has remained unchanged and it continues to grow every waking day. Know that I see you and I recognise and appreciate the love. Each and every one of you. The journey continues and I pray we shall continue together. Thank you so much! Y’all the real MVPs!

To all the brands and individuals who trusted me and gave me countless opportunities to do the things I love for a living and also put food, not only on my table, but on other tables, I am forever grateful. Y’all deserve all the accolades.

Ps: this thank you means more to come from you o!
To my mentors and everyone positively touching lives, encouraging, for others to live a better, purposeful life, continue the good work. Life will always come with its challenges but with the right mind-set, we will always overcome.
I thank God I have reached this milestone but the journey to more continues.
*Drops mic*”
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