Sonia Ogbonna speaks about how to raise a gentleman

Sonia Ogbonna, wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna, has shared a message concerning how to raise a gentleman who will conform to one’s standard.

Sonia Ogbonna speaks about how to raise a gentleman

In a post she shared on, Sonia Ogbonna revealed that one has to overlook traditions which are slavery in regards to raising a man.

She wrote:

Nowadays so many women complain about guys, while some just don’t expect much from them . “A man will always be a man” they say. But that’s not true. A man will be what you raise him to be. If you want a good man for yourself, raise one for someone else. Don’t be a slave to tradition that is cruel and makes no sense. Here is to raising young men and someone’s future men with LOVE, so they can poses emotional intelligence & be able to show love tomorrow, with a dose of SELF-CRITICISM that is stronger than ego so they can apologize when they do wrong but most importantly, as a women that we are, teach them a woman’s worth so they know that being good,affectionate,kind,appreciative and gentle to their ladies is not a sign of weakness but the most ultimate strength a man can demonstrate.

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