Ibinabo blasts Shan George over Regina Daniels

Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima has called out Shan George while blasting some Nigerians, whom she called hypocrites, over their unusual interests in the marriage of Regina Daniels to Ned Nwoko.

In an earlier post the actress made on her social media page, she had vouched for the politician whom she regarded as a man of integrity and a humanitarian that only meant well for his new wife, Regina Daniels.

She disclosed that most Nigerians coming for Regina Daniels are mere hypocrites who have skeleton in their cupboards too, but chose to carry other people’s matter on their heads.

I’ve listened to various comments, read the opinions, sometimes laced with vitriol and I’ve come to the conclusion that majority of Nigerians ascribe to themselves this pristine and Olympian moral standing which they believe gives them a divine right to judge others and poke their nose into what ordinarily is none of their business even when stinking skeletons are crying for air in their own wardrobes. How else can one explain the fact that a young adult girl’s marriage to a man she loves and has pledged to spend her life with has suddenly become a potent topic of national discourse.” she wrote

She then stated further that Nigerians are making it seem like the politician kidnapped the girl and married her against her will

The angst people throw concerning this issue would make one believe Prince Ned Nwoko a gentleman in his own right kidnapped, defiled and further coerced ‘an underage’ Regina Daniels into a sham of a union.

She then called out actress Shan George who had earlier said Ned Nwoko is a shameless man for taking the young actress as his 5th wife.

Ibinabo said Shan should know better and she is utterly disappointed in her statement

I must say along the line I found most deplorable and downright disappointing the comment of my sister and friend Shan George. Though she deleted it (of course she forgot the Internet and it’s complexities) I found her comment rude and frankly ill thought.

A person of her stand who should know better going ahead on social media to call out Prince Ned as ‘disgusting and shameless’ for marrying a ‘child’ and even questioning what he’s done for his people is vindictive and vile.

This is the same Prince Ned Munir Nwoko who has been a humanitarian philanthropist per excellence, a father to so many and is a man who has given his life to helping complete strangers all over the country, done so much for his community and Nigeria at large and is still doing so much in every sphere. Shan dear. No. You no try. He deserves an apology from you.

Please, these are questions and facts dearest Shan and our morally upright judges are seemingly oblivious to;

She finally stated that Regina Daniels is an established woman and would not have been coerced into any thing against her will:

Regina has worked extremely hard since childhood to attain her celebrity status and clout and doesn’t need a man to keep her comfortable or in the limelight. She met with Ned, saw something she loved about him and ‘agreed’ to marry him when he ‘proposed’ to her. She is not a side chic but a fully married woman.

Once married, the union officially became nobody’s business. She will not be the first in this scenario and will not be the last.

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