Groom gifts his bride a Mercedes Benz as wedding present (VIDEO)

Below is a video showing how a handsome groom surprised his beautiful bride with a brand new Mercedes Benz on their wedding day.

Groom gifts his bride a Mercedes Benz as wedding present (VIDEO)

The groom and his men started off by dancing in front of the bride who was seated at their wedding reception. Before she knew what was happening, she saw her man da dangling a car key in front of her.

Groom gifts his bride a Mercedes Benz as wedding present (VIDEO)

Everyone at the wedding g had to step outside to catch a glimpse of the ride which was covered with a red wrapper. Unwrapping the package revealed a white Mercedes Benz which made the bridesmaids giggle in excitement.

The other wonderful things that happened can only be see in the video

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There are levels to this! Groom gifts his Bride a Mercedes Benz as a wedding present☺️
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While the above couple are excited on their wedding day, Deeper Life Church in Bayelsa suspended a couple’s wedding for eating from the same plate a week to their official wedding.

The suspension notification came while their traditional marriage was going on.

The post was shared by a Twitter user who wrote:

So I’m going to be narrating a funny story that was shared with me by a friend of mine who went for the wedding of his cousin that was cancelled on Saturday 8, 2019 at Okutukutu, Bayelsa by Deeper Life Bible Church @dclmhq they attend
I don’t criticize pastors or churches, but this is overwhelming and annoying
So after all the preparation for wedding, the State Overseer of Bayelsa state called the chairman marriage committee of the church to suspend the wedding.

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