Coscharis CEO, Cosmas Maduka seen preaching in the street (Video)

Below is a video showing Coscharis CEO, Cosmas Maduka, in the streets with a microphone preaching to passerbys.

Coscharis CEO, Cosmas Maduka: Multi-millionaire seen preaching in the street (Video)

He can be seen sweating profusely as he preaches with an interpreter a sidekick who interpreted his message in Yoruba language.

The gesture has been applauded by many on social media who find it amazing that a multi-millionaire could be seen doing such.

Embedded video

President and CEO of Coscharis Motors, Mr Cosmas Maduka, a billionaire, doing the service of God through evangelism

🎥: @DeleMomodu

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One of those who reacted to the video going viral on social media is former presidential aide, Reno Omokri. In his post, he compared Cosmas Maduka with the typical Nigerian Men of God who are hardly seen doing what he did but have their exploits in the private jet sector buzzing everywhere.

He also warned people to beware of Christians whose end result is only money and not soul winning.

He wrote:

He is Cosmas Maduka. He is the CEO of Coscharis Motors. He is worth €716.01 million. He is an ordained Evangelist. He does NOT collect tithes. He does not have Private Jets. But, here he is evangelising in the streets. Be SUSPICIOUS of any Christianity whose end result is MONEY, MIRACLES and SIGNS and WONDERS, rather than SOUL WINNING

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