Woman refuses to have sex with husband because he doesn’t bath

A woman has refused to have sex with husband over his poor hygienic issue, as she claims he doesn’t bath regularly.

The couple appeared on the controversial Sex Tape Reality Show on Channel 4 series to get some help in the bedroom department, confessing they only got intimate ‘once every two or three months’.

Woman refuses to have sex with husband because he doesn't bath lailasnews

The woman identified as Georgina Takyi, while narrating the situation on national TV, was left in tears after revealing that her husband Aaron doesn’t like going under the shower, Metro UK reports.

However, when asked what caused problems between the couple – who had been together for 17 years – Georgina admitted his hygiene was the main issue.

‘Because Aaron has Autism, he’s not the slightest bit interested in keeping himself clean,’ she told the cameras. ‘I can’t be in a sexual relationship with someone who is that dirty.

‘I want to be close and affectionate with someone I can have cuddles with in bed, and just [someone] that smells nice.

‘Keeping clean is not a priority for him at all.’

Aaron defended his lack of bathing, explaining his Autism means he ‘doesn’t like the feeling of having a shower and being wet’.

Georgina then claimed she ‘gets an infection’ when they do sleep together.

‘I would sleep with him and start itching down below. I always seem to get an infection when I sleep with him. If he does start bathing, it would mean more sex.

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