Video of 2 adults head-butting each other like goats

A Video of 2 adults head-butting each other like goats has surfaced on the internet and it might be the most gross media you will set your eyes on today.

In the video, 2 grown adult men could be seen in a kneeling position mimicking goats and rams’ postures and knocking each other on the head in a highly violent manner.

It is not certain what their reason for such action may be, but one thing we are sure of is that the act in the video was a deliberate one.

The video, which is already going viral on the internet, has garnered a whole lot of reactions from social media users with many describing the men as senseless beings.

See reactions:

adesewa_mercy: They’ve lost their sense to that pillow in the middle

adesholaqudus: Oh boy, this once head na confirm hammer!

lordestss4: See as head dey sound like android screenshot

nabeluxI: wish our currency is as strong as their Skull

dokitor.savage: I am having headache on their behalf

unclesoyo: I just can’t imagine what could be passing thorough the minds of these ones. Could it be that the have no problems in the world to think about with their heads or they are just okay being stupid children, sorry men-child

See the Video:

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