Secretary to the Nigerian High Commissioner to UK is Pakistani – Report

The secretary to the Nigerian High Commissioner to UK, Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade, has been revealed to be a Pakistani lady.

Secretary to Nigerian High Commissioner to UK is a Pakistani lady - Report lailasnews 3

A man identified as Bob Olukoya, took to Facebook to make the revelation. In his post he asked if there are no qualified Nigerians to fill up the position and wondered why it has to be a foreigner.

He wrote in his post;

Now then, most of us know this iconic building in London. I just left the place just now and I am fuming. When you think Homestead is bad, come and try Diaspora… is worse…..the conspiracy of silence and hypocrisy stinks to high heavens….

What’s the problem this time, you ask? The secretary to the Nigerian High Commissioner is a Pakistani lady. Maybe you don’t get it. When you want to go see your high commissioner as a Nigerian, a Pakistani lady will screen you. Pakistani lady will screen a Nigerian before you, a Nigerian can see your high commissioner…….

Why? Dear Lord. Ain’t there any qualified Nigerians left in the UK


to work as Secretary to THE HIGH COMMISSIONER? Today is indeed a bad and a sad day

Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade, CFR, CON, High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United Kingdom assumed duty at the Nigeria High Commission on 9th October, 2017

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