Secondary school clash in PH: scores injured, students tear gassed (Video)

A secondary school clash in PH left scores of students running for their lives, some had to jump the school’s two-storey building.

Students clash with weapons in CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School Ph (Video)

On Friday, SS2 and SS3 Students of CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State engaged in a class fight that led to the entire school’s dismissal.

According to a source, the students fought with different kinds of weapons and even detonated a tear gas grenade. A video of the clash has surfaced online.

In the video, students can be seen gathered on the first floor of the school’s two storey building when suddenly some started falling off the building. Some were also seen jumping off the building.

The student who recorded the incident was standing close to the gate when suddenly students started rushing from around the building, running out of the school premises shouting as they held their eyes shouting.

A male teacher holding a cane can be seen attempting to go up the stairs to find out what was happening before more students started running out from that end of the building. Watch the video below.

Embedded video
Commotion Yesterday At CSS Oroworokwu Secondary School In Port Harcourt, Rivers State After Their SS2 and SS3 Student Engaged In A Class Fight with Different Kinds of Assorted Weapons And Detonated A Tear Gas Grenade.
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Scores would certainly have been injured in this secondary school clash in PH although we are yet to see an official statement from the school regarding the incident.

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