PhD holder says it will be absurd to call a 16 yr old a child bride

A PhD holder, Mustapha Mohammed has caused an outrage on social media after he stated that it will be absurd to say a girl of 16 is not a child bride.

PhD holder says it will be absurd to call a 16 yr old a child bride

The PhD holder tweeted:

“With the advent of modernization and the lifestyle we live, not forgetting to mention the type of food we eat these days. It will be absurd to say that a girl of 16 is a child bride. The most important thing is for the groom to have what takes mentality and economically.”

His tweet was in reaction to a certain Umar Ibrahim who took to social media to call on elders in Northern Nigeria to speak against child marriages which he says are prevalent in the region.

Umar tweeted:

I want to go on my knees and beg Arewa Leaders and Mallams, please start speaking against child marriages. It is painful and hearts wrenching to see a child struggling to back a baby, and when I asked I was told it’s her baby. I was shivering in anger while sharing the gift money.

He continued:

I asked and was told it’s a normal sight at the hospital. This isn’t Islam! This is your culture and it is barbaric. I’d rather not marry than marry a child. I make bold to say if you have a sister being married off at below 16 please runaway with her.

He added:

Those predators will marry her, divorce her with pregnancy and she’d end up being that which you think you want to prevent her from being. We have them all around already.

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