N6 calls Eniola Badmus “pyschopath” as they drag eachother on IG

OAP N6 and Nollywood actress, Eniola Bdamus drags themselves out in recent posts on social media.

The confrontation between N6 and Eniola Badmus started when she commented “Balu” on a post he made on Instagram. The OAP immediately jumped on her, calling her clout for her suicidal stunt which she pulled earlier.

N6 calls Eniola Badmus "pyschopath" as they drag eachother on IG - lailasnews

Eniola obviously did not find it funny as she responded back asking him to go get a life. See confrontation below.

N6 calls Eniola Badmus "pyschopath" as they drag eachother on IG

We almost thought it was over until N6 wrote a long response to the actress calling her a psychopath. He wrote;

Dear Eniola Badmus, how you been holding a grudge for 3+ years without speaking to anyone or even me about it.

You truly need a therapist, all these grudges you’re holding inside is probably why you are the size of a Human Burj Khalifa.

You are a profound cloutchaser from Day1, you lost a parent, came online and put up suicidal posts, then switched off your phones… Had the Entire industry worried only to confess that it’s for a Movie “COMING SOON” you are truly a Psychopath..

If you ever dare threaten to deal with Me in your life again i will use one Phone call and teach you your true place in our society not because me and you meet for Industry.. Talmbout I will treat your file… Bitch you better go treat yourself a Gym Session with Kemen or some coldstone because i am clearly not your problem in life.

I really should not be trading words with a life sized Michelin Mascot. Hanging with Davido and Olamide Musta “INFLATED YOUR EGO” even further. Now you have something to be Mad at for real for real

N6 calls Eniola Badmus "pyschopath" as they drag eachother

This is the “body shaming” post N6 allegedly wrote against Eniola Badmus below.

3 years ago when N6 bodyshamed her - lailasnews

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