Michael Ealy turned down Beyonce for role in her music video

American actor, Michael Ealy turned down Beyonce ‘s request to be in one of her music videos, he revealed.

Michael Ealy turned down beyonce

Micheal Ealy who recently announced he will be on TV with actress Meghan Good for their newly released film, The Intruder has just revealed he turned down a request that not many would.

During one of his promotional stops, Micheal shared his experiences playing the role of love interest in music videos. Ealy played Beyonce’s love interest in her music video for the classic track “Halo,” he revealed how he initially turned down her offer to be the star in the video for “Irreplaceable.”

Ealy said he as approached to also star in the video for “Irreplaceable,” but he politely turned down the offer. When asked why, he further replied: “I didn’t want to be the guy who she said, ‘To the left, to the left’ to. Who wants to be that guy? It’s like the worst thing ever.”

The audience burst out laughing at the reason Michael Ealy turned down Beyonce ‘s request. Watch the video below.

The movie, The Intruder, follows the story of a young couple who experience chilling encounter after purchasing a home from a deranged seller.

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