Instagram to start hiding number of likes on posts, here’s why

Instagram confirms the feature that hides the total number of likes on photos and videos will be rolling out soon.

instagram to start hiding likes on posts - lailasnews

According to the Facebook-owned app, this feature will be tested first in Canada and this is in an attempt to try and focus attention on posts rather than the likes they get. This feature will be spread across all users, making it impossible for the Instagram public and page followers to see how many likes a post gets.

There are a few more features besides hiding the likes on photos and videos being updated, including

Shopping that is also becoming more integrated into the app, with users able to start tapping on items they like in a post and buying it “on the spot”.

The Camera mode is also being updated, with a Create feature that will enable users to add more creative stickers and effects to their posts.

Facebook has pledged to begin a “new chapter” in its history as it revealed plans to be more privacy-focused at its annual developer conference in California.

The social network announced a number of updates across its platforms – Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp – at its F8 event.

Many Instagram users who have now made a business from the number of likes by getting sponsorship, ads and more are frantic as to how this new update will affect their businesses.

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