Femi Otedola remembers late father who loaned him money for business

Billionaire Femi Otedola has marked the fifth year since he lost his dad who loaned him the miney which he invested with to become the man he is today.

Femi Otedola remembers late father who loaned him money for business

According to the 56-year old billionaire, his dad Sir Michael Otedola gave him a loan 21 years ago which he used in buying some diesel trucks. He also recounted how he sold his house to add to the money given to him by his father.

Appreciate his late dad, Femi Otedola shared on social media:

It’s been five years without you, dad. 21 years ago when I sold the first house I ever built to buy diesel trucks, I also requested a loan and you graciously obliged which became a turning point in my success.“Times truly goes by very fast but your memories remain. Rest on, my dearly beloved father. Rest on, Sir Michael Otedola.”

In December 2018, the billionaire was reported ti be making plans to sell his shares with Forte Oil.

A statement on the website of the.Nigerian Stock Exchange read in part:

“Mr. Otedola’s divestment from the downstream business is pursuant to his decision to explore and maximise business opportunities in refining and petrochemicals.

“The transaction is expected to close in the First Quarter (Q l ) of 2019 subject to the satisfaction of various conditions and receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.

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