Sickle cell patient and rape victim celebrates 19th birthday

A Nigerian sickle cell patient, who claimed she had been raped and violated in the past, celebrating her birthday as she took to Twitter to share new photos.

The lady who mentioned that her ordeals were a blessing in disguise and that she has no regret of her past as well as her status as a sufferer of the blood disease.

Sickle cell patient and rape victim celebrates 19th birthday lailasnews 2

She tweeted;

19 years a sickle cell patient, a rape victim, domestic violence, 19 years a hustler and I’m forever grateful cause these years have moulded me and I have no regrets. It spun out 19 years of blessings, grace, tears laughter heartbreaks love hope ambition hardwork and resilience.

The lady who has a heart of Gold and wants to see sufferer living fine had offered to help 2 people with their drugs until the end of the year. She made this known via a previous tweet spotted on her page:

If you know a sickle cell patient who can’t afford their routine drugs, please message me. I’d like to pay for the routine drugs of two sickle cell patients from May till the end of the year. RT PLEASE!!!!

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