Nigerian girl crying on her 1st flight – Video

A video of a Nigerian girl crying on her 1st flight has surfaced on the internet and it has since gone viral.

The young girl could be seen in the video weeping in what could be considered as a cry of fear.

Nigerian girl spotted crying on her 1st flight - Video lailasnews

She was probably captured by her guardian on the flight, who seemed to be making fun of her.

However, social media users who reacted to the video, didn’t in any way condemn the girl’s action, as most people believe it could happen to anyone on their first flight:

*** It’s normal jare. Everyone had that experience just that we were forming tush.

*** Hahaah….reminds me of the first time I boarded one small canoe for bayelsa.brothers and sisters I almost fainted

*** We all have that first time experience so it’s perfectly normal for her to feel that way

*** I am just laughing imagining what the small boy by her side is thinking

*** Oh my God, this girl just reminded me my first…. I nearly died that day. But I just maintain and pretend as if nothing dey happen.

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