Nigeria is 1st African team to win World Curling Championship match

Nigeria has become the 1st African team to win a World Curling Championship match after Tijani and Susana Cole defeated the French team at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 in Stavanger, Norway.

Nigeria is 1st African team to win World Curling Championship match lailasnews 2

The couple celebrated wildly as France’s rock careened wide to end the mixed doubles game on Thursday afternoon.

Nigeria defeated France 8-5 at the 2019 mixed doubles world curling championship to become the first ever African country to win a match at the tournament.

“Nigeria we did it for you. I’m over over-the-top happy, elated, excited. Our motto, as you can see on our brooms, is ‘we won’t be outworked.

“It’s something we look at every day and we say as long as we don’t get outworked, we are proud of what we do.” Tijani said to CBC Sports

The Broomzilla lost 2-13 to China on day one, followed by a frustrating 20-0 defeat to the Czech Republic on day two.

They scored two in the first end against Wales to secure an early lead on day three but eventually lost 4-10.

They then suffered a 7-4 defeat to Croatia on day four and lost 0-18 to Italy on day five before securing victory on day six.

The Coles first took up curling three years ago and they have been training rigorously over the past year to improve their skills for this big occasion.

The couple who live in Denver, prepared hard for the championship at the Denver Curling Club in Colorado, USA.

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