Naira Marley Yahoo comment is a shame – Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Adeyinka Oluwamayowa has described the statement made by singer Naira Marley concerning Yahoo cyber scam as a disgrace to the government.

Naira Marley Yahoo comment is a shame - Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

Naira Marley, few days ago, stated that the slavery which took places centuries ago justifies the cyber scam Nigerian boys are doing today.

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Naira Marley is not only a shame to the music industry, but also a shame to Nigeria! This should not be taken lightly by the FG. There can never be any justification for ‘Yahoo’, it is illegal and should be curbed!
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In response, Adeyinka Oluwamayowa shared:

Recently, when I said many Nigerian artistes are into music to clean up their illegal activities, some thought I was discrediting them. What Marley, a Nigerian musician, shared on social media about ‘Yahoo’ should not be taken lightly by the government and the Nigerian citizens at home and in diaspora if we want the tarnished Nigerian image to be redeemed.

Initially, I ignored Naira Marley when I saw his insensitive video on ‘Yahoo boys’, but hey, aside being dumb, the video shows he bought his way into spotlight (although claimed not to be a ‘yahoo boy’) and I am convinced by all stand that he doesn’t deserve to be called a Nigerian musician… This isn’t what we want from those who claim to be representing us.

The use of ‘Naira’ in his stage name coupled with his recent ‘Yahoo’ comment is an abuse to the Nigerian currency and I’ll like to call on the Federal Government to take strong sanctions against him, all brands and prospective brands should dissociate from him as he has proven himself to be a bad image to this country!

While many Nigerians are striving to succeed without walking the illegal path, as a celebrity, he should do better by encouraging them, knowing that these are the people that still consume his music (though we know he’s just using it as a cover up to clean up your illegal money).

We need to stand against these Yahoo boys and flush them out! They brought more shame to Nigeria’s international image, they have polluted our country enough. People with decent jobs and businesses are bullied by the illegally rich fraudsters intimidating them with the stolen items they call luxury. How long will this keep happening? We still have noble Nigerians… plenty of them, but these bad eggs must be secluded to see them, we have to sieve them out.

Speaking of slavery, it is not anyone in this present age’s fault or our grandparents’ faults slavery happened, Marley, go back to history, you’ll realize, slavery was part of the African tradition, not excluding Nigeria, before the colonial government. The best we in this generation can do is not to allow the past witch-hunt us, do more to put Africa, especially Nigeria in good image all over the world.

And Marley, if you feel the British or American stole from your forefathers (whom you know nothing about) and you’re angry, get your proofs and seek legal advises before putting up a fight, not denting the image of Nigeria.

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