Lady pours hot water on house help, looks him up for 3 days

A lady has been accused of dousing a house help with hot water and also locking him up for 3 days. The incident led to the young boy suffering injury on his face.

Lady pours hot water on house help, looks him up for 3 days

The story was shared by a social media user who felt disheartened by the wicked heart done by the lady.

He wrote:

This is so disheartening -We need the law enforcement agency ASAP!

I don’t usually do this, but when I was called upon to help this young boy get justice, I had to look past my rules and immediately I knew something had to be done. I got the call today (2nd of April 3 minutes to 11pm) that this young boy in the picture has been going through hell in the house of his employer. He is a domestic staff whose only crime is to service the needs of his boss. Before now, he has been beaten to a level where he went into coma and just recently ( on Sunday precisely) his boss poured hot water on him and then locked him up for good three days…. I am writing with so much pain. I want to plead with anyone or everyone that could help reach out to the law enforcement or ministry in charge of cases as this to please come to the rescue of this young innocent boy. Here is the name of his employer, the wicked, heartless fellow 👉Omolara (I have her full address, please reach out on 08053413393)

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