Jesus is the father of my unborn child – Teen claims

A 15-year-old teenager, Latifah Smith-Nabengana, has claimed that Jesus Christ is the father of her unborn baby.

Jesus is the father of my unborn child - Teen claims lailasnews

According to her, an angel, during an encounter in July 2015, ‘divinely impregnated’ her while explaining that she had been chosen to bear a child for Jesus Christ.

World News Daily Report quoted her to have said:

“she was visited by an Angel of God in July 2015”.

That presence told her that she had been chosen to bear Christ’s son.

“He told me that he was a Nephilim, like those described in the Bible,” Smith-Nabengana explained. “He told me that he had a message from Jesus, He said that I was going to be pregnant, and that I would give birth to a son, Jesus’ son.”

The girl’s family being “very religious” believe her wholeheartedly and await the birth of her child.

Dr. William Franklin Murphy, the dector who has been following the girls’ pregnancy, says he is aware of his patient’s claim, but can’t confirm or invalidate them right now until the child is born.

“Her claims of Virgin pregnancy are technically true, but that doesn’t mean there was a divine intervention. I can tell you that it’s a boy, but there is no way for me to determine if it is Jesus’ son until he is born.”

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