If man was created as an animal the world would be peaceful – Man writes

A Nigerian man, Seun Sanni, in a post he just made on his Facebook profile, has said the world would have been a better place to be if only man was created as an animal.

If man was created as an animal the world would be peaceful - Man writes lailasnews 3

In his opinion, he believes that the majority of the problems human face in the world are caused by them and not by Satan. But it is quite unfortunate every evil thing is blamed on Satan.

He wrote:


What concern cow, goat or other animals in general about knowing God? Human are concern in knowing God because God created man in his image.

If human were created as animal the world would have been peaceful to the animals in it.

Before human was created God has no problem whatsoever with the animals he created before human.

Human are here and there seeking knowledge about God their creator and also sorting for his wrong doing.

It brought tears out of my eyes when wisdom revealed to me that Satan is not God’s problem, human whom God created in his own image are God’s problem.


You made your creator regret creating you. You turn the same man who created beautiful universe out of nothing to an useless inventor with thy word.

You made God regret creating human in the first instance.

I have never seen animal question God but human who are made in the image of God questioned him.

Jesus tried to call us sheep to huble us to God but we refused, we said we are not sheep, we called ourselves lion in zion.

What a pity?

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