Emiliano Sala’s father is dead

Emiliano Sala’s father, Horacio Sala, is dead, three months after his son passed away in a tragic plane crash.

Emiliano Sala’s father is dead lailasnews

58-year-old Horacio Sala, died of heart attack after ‘never getting over son’s death’ in plane crash just three months earlier.

The former truck driver made emotional pleas during the search for Sala and was pictured with Cardiff manager Neil Warnock at his funeral.

“2019 doesn’t let up in shocking us with news in this town,” mayor of Progreso Julio Muller said.

“At 5 o’clock in the morning, the lady, his wife, rang me and she was very upset.

“The doctors were there but when I arrived at their home, he had already died.

“He could never overcome what happened to Emiliano.

“When the body was found he thought the case would be closed – but all the news that came to light about the pilot was very difficult.”

The tragic news comes just months after the death of Horacio’s son, Argentinian striker Emiliano Sala, who was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff when his plane crashed.

An initial search failed to find the plane before a privately-funded search, led by chief investigator David Mearns, got underway.

A body was found among the wreckage almost three weeks after going missing and Sala was identified by the Dorset coroner on February 7. Pilot Ibbotson’s body was never accounted for.

Thousands flocked to the 28-year-old’s funeral in his hometown of Progreso with tributes paid to the Argentine across the world.

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