Don’t run to pastors with your marital issues – Gospel singer

Ghanaian gospel musician, Empress Gifty Osei has urged couples not to run to pastors or external persons whenever they have marital crisis.

Gifty Osei: Don't run to pastors with your marital issues - Gospel singer

According to the singer, it is best to solve the issue within than resort to friends or family members which is tantamount to digging one’s own grave.

She explained on Adom FM’s work and happiness show:

“The more you run to people, the more you make mistakes.”

Gifty Osei added that the best way to solve marital problems is to have a deeper communication with one’s spouse.

“Running to pastors, spiritual mothers and fathers will only deepen your woes”.

“The more you run to people the more you make mistakes. Talk to your spouse first. If you want to part ways, It shouldn’t be a fight and it shouldn’t be a yoke upon your life.

“If you have a problem, don’t go to your pastor, spiritual mother, and fathers. The people you are talking to even want what you have. You have to run to God,” she advised.

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