Britney Spears: Reason behind mental health issue revealed

The reason why pop singer Britney Spears landed herself in a mental health facility where she’s been for about 30 days has finally been revealed.

Britney Spears: Reason behind mental health issue revealed

Report say Britney’s problems started due to her father’s health issues. The health of her father whom she’s very close to took a huge toll on her.

According to TMZ, her doctors were adjusting her meds which had lost their efficacy. They had to pecifically design another med for her because the former meds were proving ineffective.

The doctors had to first wean her off the previous meds before giving her the newly designed one which was on a trial and error basis.

The trial and error basis messed Britney Spears up and made her unstable thereby preventing her from cooperating with the doctors.

Meanwhile, a group of protesters gathered outside the West Hollywood City Hall in Los Angeles with signs that read “Free Britney” and “Truth Will Set Her Free.”

The protest which was inspired by rumors that she’s being held against her will, was live-streamed on YouTube, with attendees shouting, “Hey, ho, Larry Rudolph has got to go!,” claiming it was her longtime manager’s decision to put the star in the facility.

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