Woman suffers stroke after oral sex orgasm causes brain bleed

A woman has suffered stroke while she was performing oral sex. The 44-year old unnamed woma lost consciousness for two to three minutes while she was performing the act.

Woman suffers stroke after oral sex orgasm causes brain bleed

Her lover rushed her to a hospital where she was told by a doctor that his partner’s body had gone stiff during the episode she had.

The woman on arriving at the hospital felt sick and suffered a nasty headache as CT scan showed burst aneurysm.

Doctors led by Yunus Gokdogan at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital wrote in report :

“On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness.

“Her partner estimated she was unconscious for two to three minutes, with no convulsive activity reported. She had otherwise been well preceding the event.”

The woman was sent for a CT scan due to her symptons.

It revealed a “trace of acute subarachnoid blood” which is a type of stroke that causes bleeding in the space around the brain.

The bleeding she suffered was caused by a small aneurysm, a bulge on a blood vessel like a balloon or bubble that bursts.

The team of doctors warned that rigorous activity — including passionate romps — can cause aneurysms to burst.

They wrote:

“Known risk factors for rupture include activities that involve sudden increases in blood pressure and sexual activity is well described as a precipitant.

“During sexual activity, blood pressure as well as heart rate, is very labile, with particular rises during orgasm.”

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