Teenage Indian girl raped again, months after being raped by many men

A teenage Indian girl who luckily escaped a den of rapists after being held captive for 7 months, has fallen victim again to another man.

The 16-year-old had been repeatedly gang-raped by four bus conductors who work for the Aapli Bus service, according to reports.

Teenage Indian girl raped again, months after being raped by many men lailasnews 3

One of the bus conductors, Dharmapal Meshram, 22, met the girl on her regular commute from her hometown to college in the city of Nagpur, a city in the central Indian state of Maharashtra.

Timesnownews reports he gave her a fake name, Atul, in order to hide his identity.

They swapped numbers and they started chatting before he convinced her to go on an outing with him.

She told police the first man allegedly raped her in a relative’s rented flat on July 1, 2018.

The other three men then also started messaging her and talked her into meeting them at the same flat where they raped her individually and as a group.

After her escape, the girl filed a complaint with Mankapur police.

She told them the other accused then gang-raped her from July 1 2018 to January 31, 2019.

The men reportedly gave her some pocket money and told her that what they were doing was normal.

After seven months of daily torture the girl suspected she was pregnant and decided to flee.

She was worried about the stigma attached to her pregnancy and decided to leave home on February 28 and travel to Dongargarh.

But the girl’s ordeal continued when she was raped at a hostel she was staying at, the Times of India reports.

Her parents had reported her missing after she left home and police found her in the city of Raipur.

Officers brought her home to Nagpur where she told them about what had happened to her and detailed the sexual attacks.

The incident has sparked uproar in the city and four men have been arrested by police.

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