Singer Sophia thanks Nigerians for saving her from heart problem 11yrs ago

Nigerian singer, Sophia has taken to social media to thank Nigerians for helping her when she suffered as a result of a hole in heart 11 years ago.

Sophia thanks Nigerians for saving her from heart problem 11yrs ago

Remembering what she went through during the period, Sophia shared a picture of a newspaper in which announcement calling for her help was made.

She wrote:

I remember not being able to go to school,i remember not been able to even have friends cos i was to weak to keep any,i remember i had a deadline else i would die,i remember how many times mum stayed up all night just because i was sick,i remember going to the hospital everyday of my life for 1year(on my mum’s back)..i remember loosing weight,i remember not being able to eat,i remember going to tv houses,news paper houses and heart foundations,i remember how mum hid to cry,i remember hearing her prayers,i remember the humiliation she felt..i remember hearing that Nigerians had helped and we now had the funds,i remember going into the theatre,i remember waking up in the ICU(intensive care unit) with no one around and was choking with my own vomit,i remember vomiting while i was lying down and because i wore a mask it was going back into my nostrils and mouth,i remember feeling life leave my body,yes i remember the sound of the machine when life was leaving me,i remember the doctors who gathered around me,i remember a syringe pass through my body but i was too weak to even feel it,cos i was almost dead..BUT,i remember surviving and hey! i’m here still fighting to make my mum and all of you proud,i remember this was 11years ago
..i still need your Help Nigerians,i really do😥…
What ever you are going through now,you will come out of it in peace,amen

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