Prophet Kumchacha exposes homosexuality, says it an evil spirit

Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries in Ghana, Prophet Kumchacha has spoken against masturbation and homosexuality which he calls an evil spirit.

Prophet exposes homosexuality, says it an evil spirit

Speaking as a guest on e.TV Ghana’s ‘In Bed With Adwen’, Prophet Kumchacha stated that anyone who masturbates has committed a sin.

He also stated that a woman who finds another woman attractive is a sinner.

“Aside heaven being nicer, p*nis and v*gina are nicer. Heaven is nicer but when you take heaven out, sex is nicer. How can you give birth when you practice homosexuality? Any man who masturbates is a sinner and any woman who gets intimate with another woman is a sinner. It is an evil spirit. Even animals don’t do that”, Prophet Kumchacha said.

Last year, Kumchacha was seen in viral pictures kissing and grabbing the breast of a Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel.

Asked whether it is normal for a man of God to do so in a picture, he quoted a scripture in his defense:

“you can look at a lady and lust after her even though you’ve not touched her, and that is a sin. But you can also touch a lady although your mind is clean, and that is not a sin. . It is guilty conscience. I know I didn’t press her breast, but the Pharisees are responsible for all these”.

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