My girlfriend enjoys buying used pants – Man cries out

A man has called out for help after he realized that his girlfriend takes delight in buying and wearing used pants.

The unidentified man, who sent in his complaints to a relationship counselor on WhatsApp, wrote that he is not comfortable with her action, but she insists she doesn’t fancy the new ones and she has been doing that for years, without contracting any disease.

My girlfriend enjoys buying used pants - Man cries out lailasnews 3

He wrote:

Good morning. How every? Enjoy abroad well. Help I beg. Come and save me. Share to your fans to. My girlfriend like buying used pant in marina and ojuelegba.

She told me on Wednesday so like it’s a normal thing. That’s how I got to no. We argued and argued about it . She said it’s her life and she likes it. That she doesn’t like brand new ones. That she has been doing it for years.

She said is her pussy smelling? And do I have any disease? me Am thinking am I safe ? I bought her new undies. She para. Get mad upset.

Am I wrong ? Can’t believe used pant is my issue with my girl. What do I do? Do girls like used pant ? Used pant? Am getting angry thinking of it now.

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