International Women’s Day 2019: Celebrating The 21st Century Women

From seminars to different women empowerment events, female voices will echo across the globe today Friday 8th March with a resounding message #BalanceforBetter.

Never before has the woman held a very dynamic and multidimensional role, the 21st Century women stand strong and are proud of their achievements.

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Historically, a Woman depicted a “weaker, stunted vessel”. Her voices are never heard. She was expected to stand behind the man. Hold simple jobs, vote no one, talk about different things except politics. She was to cater to the needs of her husband and sons while grooming her daughters to continue in her shoes.

Today She has been able to shake off those depressing attributes, or at least a part of it. Never again is she expected to sit at home and ted to the kids. She now holds a major position.

Today, there are many women doing well in their chosen careers as well as being a proud mother. They are the 21st century women.

“My success story comes from not settling for less, and not allowing people to put me in a box of what is defined as a successful person”- Kaffy, a successful woman, dancer, mother and an entrepreneur who has been able to combine these roles to achieve great success.

To celebrate this year’s international Women’s Day, Africa’s largest smartphone brand – TECNO in partnership with UnilagFM held a seminar at Afe Babalola’s Auditorium with the theme “Think Equal, build smart and innovate for Change”

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The brand equally held a Facebook live chat featuring Dr. Chinasa Amadi -fitness coach and mother of two and Mofolusade Sonaike- founder Mumpreneur. They shared their stories on how they were able to balance career and personal life.

“As a woman, you can have it all but not at the same time. Life is in phases, embrace where you are, then strive to get to where you want to be”- Mrs. Mofolusade Sonaike

“The 21st century woman is not just a super woman. She is the Future”- Dr. Chinasa Amadi

“The place of a women in the society cannot be contested. They remain beautiful and adds beauty to world at large making it a better place”-Chinma Banksharon-TECNO Digital Marketing Manager.

#BalanceforBetter is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, which is observed each year on March 8. The 2019 initiative is aimed at gender equality, a greater awareness of discrimination and a celebration of women’s achievements. TECNO joins women all over the world to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

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