I find aggressive men attractive – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has declared that she finds men who are aggressive, attractive, describing them as her ideal man.

I find aggressive men attractive Γ’€“ Nigerian lady lailasnews

She might soon be tagged the Nigerian Anastasia Steele, as she went public on her love for Christian Grey type of men.

According to Twitter user, @SexyMadamz, she finds aggressive men who can choke and slap her during sex attractive. Though she said she won’t love to be beaten by a man. See what she wrote below;

I find aggressive men so attractive. Sha don’t beat me but you can slap and choke me during sex. Call me your hoe, bitch. Tell me to shut the fuck up when I start arguing with you. I want a manly man. Sometimes sweet but most times arrogant and mean.

The post has since gathered a lot of reactions from Nigerians, with many expressing shock at her taste, see some reactions below;

@CrownedEmmanuel – Descriptive detail of my ex but more violent. Aggression is not in my blood so I had to πŸƒ. Jesus already died that I may live.

@Hacksultan – Today is International Women’s Day and i just want to ask; please are you part of the women we are celebrating?😭

@sisi_alagboeko – But when y’all break up we’ll start seeing tweets of ,beat and assault up and down hmm issokay 🚢‍♀️🚢‍♀️

@iphynath – You just want someone to mistakenly kill you

@iamtijohlion – All this are just the evidence needed to send a man to jail! What’s your aim exactly?

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