He cursed my mum – Alex Iwobi on why he mocked another player

Super Eagles player Alex Iwobi who was under fire for mocking a fellow black man on the field of play, has reacted saying the other footballer cursed his mum.

Alex Iwobi had had an altercation with Rennes’ defender, Hamari Traore during their UEFA Cup 1st round 2nd leg match, where the Arsenal star was captured on camera covering his nose while the latter was arguing with him

He cursed my mum - Alex Iwobi on why he mocked another player lailasnews 3

Alex Iwobi however made the disclosure in a chat with popular football analyst, Kelechi, that the other player actually cursed his mum and said other dirty words to him.

Kelechi who shared the chat with the Arsenal star, wrote on Instagram;

Normally a story has two sides. In as much as I didn’t like Alex Iwobi’s reaction, I don’t even know what I would have done if I were in his shoes TBH. I know the kid too well, so when I saw the video, I kinda knew that something deep must have happened.

The case of Zidane and Matarazzi at the 2006 World Cup Final comes to mind. Matarazzi called Zdane’s mum a whore and got a head in the chest (didn’t like Zidane’s reaction either). Most folks wont stand back and watch you insult and cuss their parents, Mba.

All those people bringing up racism need to really think deeper too. Holding your nose to imply that someone’s breath is smelly has nothing to do about race. Smelly breath is not a stereotype on black people like Traore.

When the Juventus midfielder Douglas Costa spat on Sassuolo’s Federico di Francesco during a match, nobody shouted racism. So why pin racism on the smelly breath act? Still feel Iwobi should has kept his cool as usual though 👊🏾.

Big up all them judgemental people with moral compass (especially the highly educated ones that I know), please permit me to insult your mum in your face and also give you the middle finger. I will love to see your reaction. Bless.

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