Fake News: Genevieve Nnaji denies defending Igbo people in Lagos

Top rated Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji has denied defending Igbo people in Lagos, in a statement attributed to her.

Fake News Genevieve Nnaji denies defending Igbo people in Lagos lailasnews 2

The actress had been quoted saying:

“The Igbos struggle to make it in life. They are industrious, assiduous and sedulous. The Igbos also believe in helping one another.

That’s why you hear “Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya(Be your brother’s keeper).” There is also no lateness in making it in life among the Igbos because “Ebe Onye Oso Ruru, Onye Ije Geru(The destination of the running man is the same as the destination of the walking man).” and Uwa Mgbede Ka Mma(“the patient one reaps more benefits).”

Igbo businessmen are scattered all over the world. Wherever they are, they make their homes, building houses & gentrifying districts.”

“Stop killing the Igbos. They will only make their money and go back to their land. And they know how to make legitimate money. Yes, where you see nothing, the Igbos with their gimlet eyes see “Ego,”the actress said.

But in response to that statement, which went viral in the early hours of today, the actress wrote that it was a fake news and she was never part of any call asking for a halt to prejudice against the Igbos in Lagos State.

She wrote:

Fake news. I didn’t say any of that. Stop peddling rumors and enabling those who start it. Do better.

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