"Being a good girl takes you no where. Men love bad girls' - Male Twitter user says as popular porn star gets engaged

"Being a good girl takes you no where.  Men love bad girls

A man has started an argument on Twitter after he said bad girls end up with the men while good girls remain single.

The Twitter user made the statement after popular Lebanese-born porn star, Mia Khalifa got engaged.

Sharing a photo of her flaunting her ring while looking lovingly into the eyes of her fiance, @makingcheddah wrote:

Mia Khalifa got engaged. Seeee being a good girl takes you no where. Good things happen to bad girls.

In another tweet, he added:

I tweeted something about this yesterday. I'm starting to believe men actually love bad girls than good girls. I'm a man so take it from me. Every man wants more than he can chew if we are being real. Notice how a man says he wants a God fearing chick and still chase after hoes?

He continued:

Do you ever sit and wonder why all your hoe friends are married/in a loving relationship right now and you're not? Well the answer is because she's a hoe. Be a hoe today. You're welcome.

His tweet was supported by some Twitter users but some argued against his point.
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