50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather for allegedly taking ex-girlfriend’s jewelry worth €2.67m

Rapper 50 Cent has mocked professional boxer Floyd Mayweather who has been accused of taking his ex-girlfriend’s jewelry.

50 Cent mocks Floyd Mayweather for allegedly taking ex-girlfriend's jewelry worth $3m

Floyd Mayweather allegedly took the €2.67million worth of jewelry back from his exbShantel Jackson after their split.

According to Shantel Jackson, Mayweather took back a diamond ring worth €2.22 million, a set of ten carat diamond earrings worth a quarter million dollars, a €88877.10 diamond bracelet, a €28440.67 Chanel watch, a €18664.19 Louis Vuitton lock necklace and a €17775.42 diamond heart necklace.

This latest accusation is coming five years after she sued him for assault and battery.

Reacting to the news, Mayweather’s former friend 50 Cent, who is known to troll the boxer, took to social media to make mockery of the situation.

“Champ took the shit back, huhnah I ain’t gonna lie I’d do the same shit. LOL Champ you not gonna win, she got Gloria Allred give her a mill or two and let her go before shit gets crazy”, he wrote.

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