New Production Company, 111 Media Production Debuts

111 Media, a production company that aims at providing talent management, event production and multimedia management has debuted in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria.

New Production Company, 111 Media Production Debuts  

With the rising demand to provide professional services and structure in the entertainment industry, the introduction of the company comes at the right time with its promise of getting every project constructively scripted, as it is noticeable in the corporate slogan, “everything is scripted”.

Tunde Aluko, CEO, 111 Media, who is best known for his work as a producer on the Teju Baby Face Show, said that, “There is a need to professionally and creatively intervene in the Nigerian Comedy Industry.” 111 Media in recent times was the brainchild for the production of the “Forever Funny with Forever” and “Odugwu D Comedy Machine” Comedy Shows.

Tunde’s experience is also visible across creative projects such as Bunmi Davies’ Stand Up Nigeria, Alibaba’s January 1st Concert, Lafup live Concert and Peteru Unleashed. Tunde Aluko, who has had nearly two decades of varying experience working in the creative industry promises to bring a fresh approach to the sphere of production as it is known today.

111 Media Production is beyond a mere production company as it is set to deploy cutting edge innovations to the growing billion dollar industry. The media production company is also on social media @111MediaProduction on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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