Man dies after being electrocuted while charging his phone in Thailand

A factory worker was found dead after being electrocuted while charging his phone and using earphones at the same time.

Kritsada Supol, 24, had laid down on his mattress in Chonburi, Thailand, with his phone plugged into an extension power point using a cheap charging cable.

Man dies after being electrocuted while charging his phone in Thailand lailasnews 3

It is believed that he had been listening to music or talking to someone as the mic section of the earphones was resting over his lips.

The property owner visited the room on Sunday 3 February and found Kritsada’s body on the mattress with signs of burning around his ears.

Police from the Phan Thong Provincial Police Stationin Chonburi, Thailand, arrived and carried the dead body from the property before sending it for a post-mortem examination.

Police Captain Jaleuk Polthong said police believe that Kritsada was fatally electrocuted while using the earphones and charging his smartphone at the same time.

”We believe a short circuit caused his death while he was on the phone with someone or he was listening to music.”

Officers blamed a poor quality charger for the death, as Captain Polthong added: ”Many people could be in danger if they use cheap charging adapters which are not manufactured from the authorised company.

”It looks like the victim was electrocuted but the body will be sent for an autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Back in August 2018, a woman’s iPhone burst into flames on the dashboard of a car after she had the battery repaired at an unofficial repair shop.

The woman, from Shanghai’s Minhang district in East China, was forced to abandon her car after her iPhone suddenly appeared to catch fire while lying on her dashboard. Twenty seconds later, it erupted into a ball of flame.

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